How to purchase or take in a Chihuahua Adoption.

Why buy or adopt an informed, it is better.

Each of us, one day, you might wake up and decide that it’s time to bring in their own lives a Chihuahua.

But the question that arises is definitely “where I take it?” . Well this is a question that is difficult to answer.

Definitely it depends on what kind of dog we want next. If we want the dog breed, or those with pedigree , for several reasons, which may vary from the certainty of not encountering any genetic defects that lead to the malaise of our friend, or take it to shows, the best choice is to find a serious breeding recognized dall’enc i.

Unfortunately, this international certification body no longer enough to discern between a good breeding and one pulled up without good principles.

A good breeding fact usually should provide certifications for the health of Chihuahua, genetic testing of parents and puppies to ensure the protection of the most common genetic diseases in this breed, show you that holds well his dogs and he loves them.

The puppies there will be never given before 60 days and usually have already made the first vaccinations, so that you can also give an assurance that before exiting quell’allevamento had certain diseases such as distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis and leptospirosis.

The puppies before 60 days of life, in fact, could move forward behavioral problems due to lack of socialization with siblings and just learning from the mother.

A good breeding, moreover, does not usually focuses on more races (or at most two or three); beware of those who claims to have dogs of any breed because, these days, it’s probably an importer of puppies from the east.

If you want to go to a pet store, this will be one of the most common reality, so inquire carefully breeding of origin, and if you have the opportunity to go see for themselves the professionalism of this.

A breeder usually has no more than five mares because not be able to handle them all with appropriate care, and it does not churn out puppies all the time because he knows that would invalidate on his dog’s health.

This of course will result in a considerable cost for the puppy, but at least you’ll pay knowing that we have the quality, professionalism and warranty.

My advice is to avoid buying privately selling alleged chihuahua of low-priced race, because you risk getting a dog with health problems and should in no way encourage this type of trade, driven by people who only have profit on dog.

Chihuahua Adoption – Gift

If the v ow decision falls on the adoption, there are many specialized associations on chihuahua, such as R escue (which can also be found on Facebook), who give up for adoption chihuahua, or intersections with this, and they give you the opportunity to save it from conditions of abuse or neglect. The rescue for the Chihuahua exist for every part of the world, trying to believe?

However, wherever you decide to take your chihuahua, trust at first sight, love at first sight is the most reliable method to choose a puppy ?

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