The Chihuahua.

Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed in the world, originating in the homonymous Mexican state, and with well-defined morphological characteristics.

Its small size and character make it an excellent pet and a good apartment dog, ideal for keeping him with children in the house or always walking with them.

  • Original name: chihuahueño;
  • Average life: 14/20 years;
  • Standard weight: 1.5 to 3 kg; 3.3 to 6.6 lb.
  • Height: 14/23 cm; 5.5/9 inch
  • Species: long hair / short hair;
  • Breed Source: Mexico;
  • Type: Home Dog;
  • Temperament: Vivid, Faithful, and Courageous;
  • Color: Black, white, brown, stained, cream, etc., all color shades are permitted in the standard of this breed.

The Character and the characteristics of Chihuahua Informations

The Chihuahua Character.

From the point of view of the character, the Chihuahua stands out for its strong and energetic vitality. It builds a strong bond with the referring person, almost always characterized by a certain possessiveness.

This aspect it also promotes the role of good guardian of the property, as constantly it is alert and attentive, and as well as particularly courageous in front of strangers.

Emblematic is in fact its apparent aggression in front of other large breed dogs.

However, in the family field, Chihuahua prevails in terms of affection and is a tireless companion of games.

These prerogatives make it an excellent pet dog.

Along with the other dogs and animals Chihuahua shows a high propensity to socialize well when used to it like a puppy, easily able to find a good balance of cohabitation with any cats in the same house.

The intelligence of this dog is known to all fans and represents the main success factor during the training work, which always reaches a very good level.

Chihuahua is an extremely obedient and diligent dog and, if it is well mannered, it will always be calm and would never show an aggressive gesture. Otherwise, if the master does not pay attention to prevent the dog developing the “conviction” of being the head of the herd of the family, then the small animal can take on an overbearing and loud behavior.

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Frequent questions about Chihuahuas

Are chihuahuas good family pets?

In most cases, they are excellent animals to keep in the family, they have a very affectionate, playful and protective character with their owners; however, let's remember that everyone has their own personality in the same way as humans and that, if badly trained, some specimens could be irascible with impetuous children who do not respect their spaces or people strangers to the family nucleus. In most cases, however, they can only bring a lot of added love to the family;)

Are chihuahuas protective animals?

In many cases, Chihuahuas have an almost morbid emotional attachment to a single person or to all members of the family unit, they feel fully part of it and if they perceive an external danger they are ready to recklessly defend their loved ones. They are very small animals but with a very strong and decisive character and in some cases, not realizing their small size, they are ready to attack specimens much larger than themselves which they consider hostile to their master.

How fast is the age of a Chihuahua compared to a human?

A small breed dog has an average life expectancy of 15/20 years, depending on the dog's build, diet and lifestyle.

Here's how chihuahuas age compared to humans is calculated:

(Human age: 1 Dog age: 15); (Human age: 2 Dog age: 21); (Human age: 3 Dog age: 25); (Human age: 4 Dog age: 29); (Human age: 5 Dog age: 33); (Human age: 6 Dog age: 37); (Human age: 7 Dog age: 41); (Human age: 8 Dog age: 45); (Human age: 9 Dog age: 49); (Human age: 10 Dog age: 53); (Human age: 11 Dog age: 57); (Human age: 12 Dog age: 61); (Human age: 13 Dog age: 65); (Human age: 14 Dog age: 69); (Human age: 15 Dog age: 73); (Human age: 16 Dog age: 77); (Human age: 17 Dog age: 81); (Human age: 18 Dog age: 85); (Human age: 19 Dog age: 89); (Human age: 20 Dog age: 93)

Do Chihuahua Toy and Chihuahua belong to the same breed?

Yes. The adjective Toy is used simply to describe a dog that is smaller than the breed standards. So the Chihuahua Toys belong to the same breed and have the same behavioral characteristics as the Chihuahua, but they are small in size.

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Does the Chihuahua have a fontanel?

Yes, as for children, Chihuahua puppies also have the so-called fontanelle on the skull. Among other things, in the absence of this characteristic, the dog is not considered pure.
Fontanelle is caused by the fact that the bones of the skull in the puppy have not yet closed, which normally happens when the Chihuahua reaches adulthood, around 7 months. But be careful, closing does not always happen and this requires particular attention, especially if there are children in the house, who must be educated to respect the animal and pay attention to the small size of the four-legged friend.

What are the most common pathologies that Chihuahuas can run into?

The Chihuahua is a particularly long-lived dog, living on average between 12 and 20 years. It is also a dog that is normally in good health, resistant.
However, it is subject to pathologies that depend on its physical conformation.
In addition to the pathologies deriving from the failure to close the fontanel, Chihuahuas can in fact suffer from luxation of the patella and collapse of the trachea, which makes breathing difficult. Another type of pathology that can afflict our furry friends are ocular ones. The eyes, in fact, are a distinctive trait of the breed, but also a weak point.

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How is the Chihuahua from a character point of view?

The fact of being small does not seem to matter to the Chihuahua, which is a courageous and very determined dog especially when it comes to wanting to protect its owner, to whom it is very loyal. It is an active, intelligent, lively and sensitive dog in perceiving the mood of the people with whom it shares the house. He is particularly jealous of the owner, let us never miss the right amount of pampering and attention! The Chihuahua has an ego that is very disproportionate to its size.
We must be particularly careful not to spoil it too much: in fact we would risk finding ourselves with a biting, unpleasant dog, not willing to socialize with other dogs or people, in short, definitely not in line with the natural nature of the breed. It is a dog that needs company, does not like to be alone for long, which is why many owners do everything to bring their little ones with them!

How do chihuahuas behave with other dogs?

It all depends on the socialization that is done. If well socialized, our little one will love playing with other dogs and also with other animals, such as cats. Either way, we have to keep in mind that his favorite playmate will always be another Chihuahua!

How often should a Chihuahua eat?

Given the small size of his body and stomach it is important to feed our furry dog ​​more times a day than a larger dog.

For a standard-sized dog of this breed it is important to feed him 2-3 times a day, but puppies weighing less than 1.4-1.6 kg may need to be fed every 4 hours. In both cases, the doses must not be exaggerated, since the problem of overweight for these small dogs is a not rare pathology.

The doses of food for a dog of this breed naturally depend on the dog's age, size and weight, if you are not sure about the feeding of the dose and the type of food you administer it is advisable to contact your veterinarian for an evaluation. personalized and accurate.

To avoid the risk of gorging him too quickly and making him stay the food on his stomach, it is advisable to leave him his time and space while he eats, so as not to put pressure on him making him think that someone is stealing his food.

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Is it necessary to dress Chihuahuas?

Due to the small size, the Chihuahua often suffers from the cold, for this reason it is advisable to help them by wearing warm and comfortable clothing.

But be careful! You may happen to see your little one tremble even for reasons other than the cold, such as every time you return home. The Chihuahua in fact reacts trembling to strong emotions!

Nowadays, also thanks to the fact of being the favorite breed of many stars and famous people, Chihuahuas are considered fashion dogs and for this reason garments and products for all tastes can be found on the market. Therefore, not only sweaters to fight the cold, but complete wardrobes that can even be combined with that of the owner.

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Characteristics of the Chihuahua.

The typical apple head undoubtedly represents the most peculiar part of the body, with its prominent forehead and just above the muzzle, this one short and slightly pointed.

The jaws cut like scissors and carry small and sharp teeth, but also particularly delicate, and for this reason that they need more care and attention than other races.

The large, round eyes, often protruding slightly, have a strong expression; at the height of these, he has the ears that are wide and erected, but with the rounded tip.

Only in the rest state they are lowered, forming generally a 45 ° angle. Even in adulthood the skull bones are not joined to the top of the head, forming the typical slot, which has fueled many beliefs in the past, such as being able to communicate more effectively with divinities.

The head relates to the rest of the body through a medium length neck, with a thick collar and a slight hint of arching. Though Chihuahua is extremely minute, its structure is solid, proportionate and compact, by allowing fast and agile movements.

Along the way there is a good overall elegance and fluency in walking, which can be well maintained for a long time, confirming a strong physical strength?

The coat of this breed can be either long or short and does not have chromatic exceptions from the point of view of the recognition of the breed: all shades combinations are permitted for the purposes of classification. In this respect, the most important than the color is the weight that has to be within a precise range of between 1.5 Kg and 3 Kg/ 3.3 to 6.6 lb.

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The Character and the characteristics of Chihuahua Informations

How to Identify an Original Chihuahua.

Chihuahuas are one of the most popular dogs in the United States, as well as one of the most varied.  How can you identify an original Chihuahua?  Here, the identifying characteristics of a well-bred Chihuahua, one that most closely resembles the original breed, will be discussed.


As members of the toy group, original Chihuahuas should not weigh more than 6 pounds (2.8Kg). While most breed organizations do not specify a desired height, Chihuahuas should generally stand between 5 and 8 inches (12/20cm) tall at the shoulder.


There are two types of Chihuahua coats:  long hair, and short hair.  While both types are recognized as distinct breeds, the original Chihuahua is believed to have had a short coat.  Breed experts believe that to create a long-haired Chihuahua, the original short-haired Chihuahua was bred with similar-looking breeds (such as the Papillion) to create a dog with long, flowing fur.  While both types of Chihuahuas are acceptable in the show ring, the most original form of this breed will have a dense, short coat which can feel soft or rough to the touch.

Head Shape

There are two head shapes found in Chihuahuas: “deer head” and “apple head.” The differences between these two head shapes are distinct.

A deer head Chihuahua has a flat-topped head, larger ears, and eyes that are more widely set.  In addition, the deer-head Chihuahua’s legs tend to be longer and slenderer.

An apple head Chihuahua has a more rounded head with eyes that are more closely-set.  This type of dog also has shorter ears and legs.  The American Kennel Club only accepts Chihuahuas with the apple head conformation.

There is much debate as to whether the deer head or apple head Chihuahua more closely resembles the original specimens of the Chihuahua breed.   One theory is that the original Chihuahua descended from the Techichi dog, which had the characteristic apple head shape.  Some breed experts theorize that the deer head Chihuahua is actually a mix between the Techichi and the Chinese Crested dog.  Therefore, many Chihuahua enthusiasts believe the apple head variety of Chihuahua most closely resembles the original breed.

Ultimately, when identifying a Chihuahua that most closely resembles the original breed there are three traits to consider.  The dog in question should weigh no more than 6 lbs, should have a short coat, and should also be of the apple head variety.  While there are many Chihuahua variations (some accepted by the American Kennel Club and some not), these three characteristics are most important.

Chihuahua daily food.

How Much Should Eat A Chihuahua? Given the small size of his body and his stomach, it is important to feed our Chihuahua several times a day compared to a larger dog.

For a standard sized Chihuahua it is important to give it 2-3 times a day, but for puppies weighing less than 1.4-1.6 kg (3.3 lb)you may need to feed it every 4 hours. In both cases you do not have to overdo the doses, given that the problem of overweight for these small dogs is not a rare disease.

The doses of the food for a dog of this breed naturally depend on the age of the dog, the size and the weight, if you are not sure about the dose and the type of food you give then you should contact your veterinarian for a personalized and accurate assessment.

To avoid the risk of eating stuff too quickly and to let him get the food on the stomach, it is advisable to give him  his time and space as he eats, so do not put pressure on him making him think that someone will steal his food.

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Price of a Chihuahua.

The cost of a dog of this breed of small breed, with pedigree and from a recognized breeding can range from 700 to 1500.

Beware of those who offers you a puppy of this breed at lower prices, you are likely to find themselves in front of puppies from Eastern countries  that are usually not protected properly, and risk contracting serious health problems and it’s better not to get into this kind of  trade and avoid buying from these sources.

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Chihuahua Toy, Mexican Chihuahua, Chihuahua Nano.

How many Chihuahua breeds exist?

There are only 2 breeds, short-haired Chihuahua and long-hairedChihuahua. All the other ways in which they are defined, such as Chihuahua toy, Nano or Mexican Chihuahua (if you do not get it in Mexico) are just BS, these races do not really exist and are just terms used to sell a puppy more easily to  interested parties.

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