Accessories for Chihuahua

Accessories and articles for Chihuahua.

The small size of the Chihuahua dog require many tailor-made accessories for small sizes.

Among the inevitable there are collars and leashes. You can choose classic models, in eco-leather and with adjustable sizes perfect even for small identification medals. For those traveling by car, the advice is to choose the leash with a seat belt for cars, while those who want high comfort can choose the leash with decorated harness.

If the dog is accustomed to worldly events certainly will like the collar with rhinestones, bow tie, or in a tuxedo version. Obviously the rhinestones are perfect especially for the dogs, while the bow tie for boys.

Who would not want to bring their Chihuahua always with them? None, and for this lovechihuahua provides the inflatable dog, available in different sizes and closed with zippers. Thanks to luminous reflectors it allows you to see the dog even if it is swimming underwater, also allows the dog to breathe easily.

Among the accessories for chihuahua also bowls for water with fountain, in this way the water of the chihuahua will always be clean, thanks to the filters present and fresh. For those who are many hours away from home another essential accessory is the food pantry bowl. Finally, you can not miss car carriers, games, fences to delimit the spaces in the house.

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