Dog coats and jackets for Chihuahua

Coats, jackets for chihauhua.

Does your Chihuahua not like cold?

Nothing more suitable for him than a nice wool sweater, or a comfortable padded jacket, available in all sizes, even with short sleeves to facilitate movement and keep the tummy warm!

Does your little girl love things a little fru fru?

Then the down jacket with tulle inserts is perfect for her! Available in different colors, it will keep your small dog warm and the center of attention.

For more adventurous dogs, the camouflage hoodie is really ideal! A small price for great success and a lot of comfort.

Coats and jackets for small dogs.

These accessories may also be suitable for other small and medium-sized dogs such as: poodles, foxes, Maltese, yorkshire, pugs, Pekingese, beagle, bull dog, shih tsu, dwarf pinscher, dachshunds and russels.

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