Doghouses / Cushions for Chihuahua dogs

Kennels and cushions for Chihuahua
The Chihuahua is a delicate dog, even given the dimensions that can be really very small, for this reason it is good to bring a couch, cushions and soft covers that give warmth and comfort to the dog.

From the simplest to the luxury models, everything can be found on the lovechihuahua site, fleece blankets are essential especially in winter and allow you to cover the dog at night.

The cushions, however, can be inserted into the kennel to make them more comfortable, or they can stay in the room for moments of conviviality in which even the dog is a part. The cushions are available in different colors and made of materials that are easy to clean, in this way you can always have the maximum hygiene at home.

Those who prefer to give the Chihuahua the best at any time, can also choose cushions and coves covered with velvet or enriched with precious embroidery, in this way the fashion style is respected. Among the kennels, there is the faux leather puff and several fashionable sofas.

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