Cushions for Chihuahua dogs

Cushions for Chihuahua dogs.

When we take a small Chihuahua to take it home with us, the first thing we think about is where to place it for the night: puppies, not unlike adults, are very delicate and need a soft and comfortable shelter in which to sleep.

Among the various proposals, you can choose between a water-repellent cushion that allows you to be cleaned quickly in case the puppy can not hold back as often happens or in colored fabric to match with the curtains in the room.

To offer the Chihuahua a cozy place to settle down as often as you wish, a velvety pillow with risers will be essential for you to feel safe.
If the puppy is actually a puppy, then the perfect kennel will be pink, decorated and cared for down to the smallest detail, worthy of a real queen as she will soon learn to be.

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