Games about Chihuahua

Chihuahua games

There really are several games on chihuahuas that can satisfy everyone’s needs and pleasures.

For example, an excellent gift idea for their children could be a plush from the fantastic Simba Chi chi Love collection, a fantastic reproduction of chihuahua accompanied by all the accessories it needs: the pet carrier, the pram, the mat to make needs etc. ; accessories ready to follow the style of your owner: transport with fringes, covered with feathers, in the shape of a pram, handbag etc.

Imagine your children how they could have fun taking their faithful friend for a walk, waiting maybe for mom and dad to buy or adopt a real chihuahua for them!

For the older ones or fans of board games, there is even a board game, inspired by the old and beloved Monopoly, entirely dedicated to our chihuahua friends: the Chihuahua-Opoly! This nice and fun game could keep you company in the afternoons or winter evenings, while you are in the sweet company of your friends and, why not, also of your furry companion! What could be better while it’s raining, it’s cold outside, than a game of Chihuahua-Opoly?

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