Home accessories about Chihuahuas

Home accessories about Chihuahuas.

True animal lovers can only fall in love with these cute sweet dogs with the funniest expressions: for this reason a line of home accessories has been created, so as to always have with us the image of our friend of the heart.

A pillow with the representation of the little furry is definitely a fabulous gift for anyone who loves these animals, so that you can always have it when you sit on the sofa; or the garden figurine that radiates light through the solar powered eyes, very convenient for when you return at night and to make the real Chihuahua believe to have company.

Or even the set with the Chihuahua princess, the gift that most of all makes girls of all ages tremble for the romanticism of the image and the tenderness of the expression: instead of being satisfied with the classic blanket of any color, you can put the duvet cover and give a touch of sweetness to your room.

You can also have breakfast using the magnificent cup with the face in relief, made and painted by hand in both black and brown or buy the pair in which on one side the tender mascot is drawn and on the other appears the writing “i love Chihuhua “.

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