Peluches about Chihuahua

Plush on Chihuahuas.

The origin of stuffed animals as children’s toys dates back to Ancient Egypt, but the boom in the diffusion of these cute puppets occurs in modern times, probably due to the fact that bourgeois families did not have the custom of owning at home a pet and therefore, they gave their children stuffed animals to compensate for the absence of a dog or cat.

Today, cuddly toys are probably the first gift you give to a child; often, they become the first childhood friends, the companions who help to overcome the first fears (just think that many children love to sleep with a stuffed animal because they are afraid of the dark and find safety, a company for the night or a superhero in the puppet that drives out the monsters of the dark).

– Plush Simba Chi Chi Love

Plush toys for those who love them in different shapes and colors, sometimes equipped with pet carrier, pram, coat, mat for needs, customized according to the style and needs of their little (or large;)) owners: in fact, a girl who she dreams of being a princess, she will be able to have her plush chihuahua with a crown and dress accompanied by a purse covered in fur, all strictly pink. Or for those who are a little sportier, there is also a plush chihuahua in jeans, Indian, camouflage style, etc.
In short, the world of stuffed animals is truly varied: choose the plush chihuahua that best suits your baby! You will see, he will be very happy to have a four-legged friend too!

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