Are Chihuahuas Prone To Patella Luxation?

Patella luxation is a common issue for small breed dogs like Chihuahuas. When the cartilage and tissue becomes worn, damaged or over extended, patella luxation can be a concern. Here are some things Chihuahua owners may notice and may need the advice of a veterinarian to verify as patella luxation.

The patella is a small bone we would refer to as the kneecap. Due to the small stature of Chihuahuas this bone is tiny. The tendons attach it to the thigh bone. Jumping, running and normal exercise can cause the tissues to flex at the joint and patella luxation can occur. It’s basically a floating kneecap.

Signs of Patella Luxation in Chihuahuas:

1) Prolonged Limping
2) Clicking Sounds at Joints
3) Leg Lameness
4) Skipping Steps
5) Holding Up One Leg

Chihuahuas and other small breeds of dogs may not show signs of pain. They are prideful and won’t always let you know something is bothering them.

Patella luxation is the most common small dog deformity or issue that Chihuahua owners might have to deal with. A younger dog with patella luxation may not show significant signs due to their age.

Later in life the patella luxation may become more bothersome. The patella luxation usually but not always subsides on it’s own. If it is occuring frequently or pain and discomfort of the Chihuahua is observed a Veterinary opinion may be needed.

Preventing Patella Luxation in Chihuahuas.

Being all Chihuahuas are prone to patella luxation it’s up to owners to make sure they are making the dogs environment an accident free zone.

There are portable steps that can be placed in your home for your Chihuahua to use rather than jumping up and down.

The pressure put on the kneecaps when jumping down onto hard surfaces can aggravate the frail joint and lead to patella luxation.

Their strides are much shorter than humans and Chihuahuas little legs take a billion or more steps in a lifetime. Protecting them from these common issues help them lead longer and healthier lives.