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How to Eliminate the Ticks and Fleas in a Chihuahua, the guide and tips.

With the arrival of summer, we love to take long walks with our four-legged friends, attending more and more parks and gardens. It is right here, that our loyal hairy friend, could be attacked by fleas and ticks.

But do not worry: there are valid remedies, even natural ones, to eliminate these annoying insects from your four-legged companion!

First of all, it is good to know the nature of these pests.
Fleas and ticks live mainly in moist places, so they are found in the grass, parks, gardens, woods. They attack animals mainly by biting and sucking their blood. They are considered dangerous pests, as they can transmit even serious diseases.

So let’s move on to the actions we need to put into practice immediately, to help our friend Chihuahua to get rid of fleas and ticks.
A great alarm bell could be the fact that they can constantly scratch. Well, if you notice this abnormal behavior in your Chihuahua it is very likely to have contracted fleas or ticks.
These parasites are easily detectable to the naked eye, so you just need to check the fur of your friend to notice right away the presence or absence of the parasite. Obviously, if yours is a short-haired Chihuahua, the inspection will be much easier.

If your Chihuahua has unwanted guests, proceed immediately to disinfect his bed.
Tip: the main objective is to eliminate ticks and adult fleas, to prevent them from continuing to lay eggs.
After cleaning and disinfecting the dog’s bed and any rugs or sofas that your Chihuahua loves to rest, contact your vet immediately, who will advise you better than anyone else about the treatment that best suits your dog.
Know, however, that detaching a tick from the body of your four-legged friend is simple, however it is essential to pay close attention.

Remove ticks and fleas in a chihuahua, guide and advices. Guides and Advices for Chihuahua Informations

Here are some instructions:
– with a tweezers, try to gently grasp the parasite’s head as close as possible to your dog’s skin. If it can help you, use a magnifying glass;

– Once you’ve got a good grip on your head, start slowly pulling the tick, until you feel the parasite release (the perception is the same as when you peel a hair). Be careful: do not twist or jerk the tweezers! The tick could break and the head remain attached;

– once removed, the flea or tick should not be thrown on the ground or crushed, but must be burned or immersed in alcohol;

– subsequently, it is necessary to disinfect with a specific antiseptic product prescribed by your vet, the part of the body attacked by the parasite.

Natural pesticides for Chihuahua dogs.
If the ticks were more than one, your vet, in addition to prescribing treatments based on medicines, could recommend natural methods to remove fleas and ticks; for example: you can apply a few drops of eucalyptus and lavender on a collar made with a scarf or a handkerchief (about 10 drops for each product is the recommended amount), or other essential oils (mint, lemongrass etc.).
The intense smell of these fragrances will stun ticks that will leave the body of your dog alone. You can use essential oils or even white vinegar along with shampoo.

Even the phase of prevention of fleas and ticks in a Chihuahua is very important, you can find more info about this article on the Prevention and Treatment of parasites for a Chihuahua

So do not worry: from now on, the fleas and ticks are no longer a problem for you and your Chihuahua! But remember to always protect it! Rely on a good vet! Prevention is really important for your dog.