Alimentazione del Chihuahua

The Chihuahua feeding.

Our furry friend needs so many precautions, in his food. Like all Chihuahua, there is the so-called “junk food”, such as fried, chocolate, very fat cheeses, sugary foods such as sweets and anything that can seriously harm him; as such, these foods must be carefully avoided, and not kept within his reach.

The perfect feeding for a Chihuahua.

Chihuahua, like all other dogs, requires specific care and particular attention to nutrition, so it does not develop pathologies and does not take too much weight.

Chihuahua puppies will have to be weaned in a specific way, by simply trying to use semi-moist foods to help him switch from breast milk to solid food as an adult.

It would be best to limit croquettes as much as possible, which are also harmful in adulthood. The little puppy is considered a real puppy up to seven months, after that it is possible to feed it like an adult dog. Food delivery should take place, especially during growth, about three times a day, controlling the portions, while water will of course always be available.

From the seventh month you will be able to feed your Chihuahua with croquettes and food, for adult dogs not exceeding the two daily doses. You will need to choose the food, especially with regard to the dry part, that is compatible with the delicate teething of this dog, and it is always advised not to abruptly change the type of food, so as not to harm his digestive tract.

In case you want to cook or prepare food at home for your little dog, you can safely do so. You will need to go with  safe food, like white and red meat, which can be boiled or cooked on the plate (without salt), boiled fish (especially oily fish), boiled vegetables and even rice, which it must always have been boiled without adding salt.

It should be avoided the administration of dairy products, sugary foods, raw meat and even that whole meat that can contain so many bones: each cut of meat, in fact, must be free of bone before being cooked and then fed to your little friend.

Feeding a Chihuahua puppy.

The diet is obviously based on the physiological moment in which it is our Chihuahua. Before weaning, so in the first four weeks of life, our Chihuahua will only need milk from his mother for its livelihood.  After that he will begin eating his first solid food, such as croquettes or wet food.

After a few weeks keep on doing this so the puppy can be fed without the integration of milk in his diet. It will require a complete alimentation, much more caloric than the one needed in adult life and rich in protein for its proper growth. To guarantee him all the elements for the proper growth there are many products on the market today suitable and specific to this stage of life.

To the puppy should be administered small doses several times a day, between five and six meals per day. This is to avoid the problems with hypoglycemia that do incur easily in Chihuahua.

Some breeders may also advise you that in the first few months of life, especially if the dog is of very small size, a dietary supplement such as vmp, in order to be 100 percent sure  that he gets all the nutrients it needs for the growth.

The croquettes for Chihuahua.

The most recommended food by veterinarians are usually the croquettes. . The right nutrition for our Chihuahua therefore begins with the right choice of a brand of croquettes that suits its needs, his tastes and, let’s face it, even to our portfolio!

The croquettes are specially designed for the feeding of our four-legged friends, containing all the nutrients it needs, including vitamins and minerals. In addition, croquettes are a healthy touch for the dental hygiene of our dog since they are hardly problematic with tartar and the plaque sedimentation. The Chihuahua does not have a very high protein requirement being a dog normally not too active, so that he will not work all day doing vigorous physical activity.

You must also pay attention to the percentage of fat contained in the feed, always for the aforementioned reason, if you do not want to run into obesity problems that would seriously damage your dog’s health.

Beware of brands of cheap food, because you risk buying a low quality food that would bring more problems than anything else.

The canned food for a Chihuahua.

The food in cans or sachets, the so-called wet food, it is not strictly discouraged, but it would be right to administer it only once in a while.

The homemade food for Chihuahua.

The household food, if consistently administered, it is not advised if it is not tailor-made with a specialist. In fact, our Chihuahua needs so many substances that we, unfortunately, could not make it available with our home-made foods.

In any case, always ask your vet for advice, who will surely point you in the right nutrition, even with specific advice for your Chihuahua.

Bon appetite!