How to travel by car with a Chihuahua.

Sunglasses on, a leash tied, head out of the window and off we go!

The holidays will be for you and for your Chihuahua an excellent opportunity to relax and have fun. To make the best of this period, however, it is better to pack even some precautions and some advice.

While traveling by car it is important to make sure that our Chihuahua always travels safely. This can be done in a variety of ways, from the use of specific carriers to the safety belt, both now easily available at every store for products for animals. Also, remember to always carry a bowl for the dog water.

If the animals to be transported are more than one, special precautions must be taken, so it is necessary to divide them appropriately between themselves and by the driver, for example with the use of adequate individual carriers.

Who will select the car in the summer as a means of transport for your trip must pay attention especially to the temperatures.

Chihuahuas can indeed be very delicate about the issue of temperature changes; you should avoid leaving the windows completely open while the car is moving in order not to let it get too much air, because risk of developing an ear infection,especially if it is already a pathology that frequently occurs in your dog.

Also, if you turn on the air conditioning, it is unwise to direct jet or hold it at low temperatures, and you should turn off for a few minutes before each stop, to allow a gradual temperature change, even if it does not risk the onset of otitis.

Finally, it seems trivial to remember it but you still hear dozens of cases a year, always avoid leaving the dog in the car when it is very hot.

If it is unavoidable, try to leave the car in the shade and open the windows so that there is a good air recirculation. In fact, our car heats up very quickly, even in a few minutes the temperature can rise many degrees to become a real oven!

Since the dog may suffer the so-called car sickness, it is not recommended to feed it in the hours immediately prior to departure, during the trip and in the following two hours. What is very important, however, is to provide fresh water at each stop of the journey, so every 2\3 hours. You could also take advantage in these stops to take a quick pee also to our furry friend.

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Before leaving, you must also remember to take first the dog’s documents, the health card and the passport. If you travel only in Italy the health card will be sufficient, but if but if you leave for a foreign state, the passport will become indispensable, as well as the rabies vaccination!

This must be done at least twenty-one days before the date of departure, to give them time to take effect on the immunity of our little friend. Together with this vaccination, in order to apply for a passport, the dog must obviously be supplied with a chip and registered in the official registry.

For some countries some special prophylaxis will be needed for parasites or other endemic diseases or even blood tests to verify the actual negativity towards rabies. However, the golden rule for your trip is always: have fun!

Be cautious and happy holidays to all! For more advice on how to travel with our dog visit this page: travel with our Chihuahua