Traveling with our Chihuahua, Guide and Advices.


Travel Guide for our Chihuahua.

Going on vacation with your Chihuahua is always an exciting adventure. But you have to consider some important things, especially if your friend belongs to a delicate breed like Chihuahua.


Whether you are frequent travelers or doing even a single trip a year, if you pay attention to detail, you can peacefully enjoy the tour with your four-legged friend. Always be familiar with the destination, the regulations of the region regarding the hair, the places where they can be conducted and those where they cannot enter, etc.

Finding facilities that accept animals is easier than ever, just a simple click! In fact, almost all the most famous sites now show among the various filters also the phrase “pets allowed”, with which we can distinguish all the hotels and apartments who will be happy to accept our Chihuahua.

To arrange holidays with the Chihuahua you have to comply with the health regulations required by the countries you visit or the target regions and to proceed with the various vaccinations.

Remember to bring with you the passport issued by your veterinarian.

The health card must be complete with all vaccinations, including rabies (less than eleven months and more than twenty days) and must indicate the health of the dog.

These will be useful, not only because you will be required to, but especially if the dog does not feel good and you need a vet. It should to be understood that the dog must be microchipped.

Traveling with our Chihuahua, Guide and Advices. Guides and Advices for Chihuahua Informations


How to carry a Chihuahua in the car.

For the transportation of dogs in cars, especially for long distances, you should think about their safety. The most recommended solution is to adopt a dog carrier. Position it on the rear seat and hold it securely with the seat belt or other device.

Also remember to put in its bed a soft blanket to repair it from air conditioning, you can lay on it sleepers, and offer him a bone and his favorite toy.

Take short, but regular breaks. You must take into account the physiological needs of your dog; also, you can take advantage of it to make a short walk on the leash.

If you do not want to use a carrier and you have the free passenger seat you can use a special safety belt for dogs to connect to this type of collar, so it keep your puppy safe.

Beware of open windows. Wind blows can be very dangerous and can lead to otitis. It is preferable to maintain a good degree of air conditioning by directing the nozzles upwards.

Before stopping for a stop, switch off the air conditioner at least a few minutes before, to avoid hot / cold blows.

If you are traveling in summer, be careful about heat shots. They could be fatal to your dog. Always carry a bowl of water for dogs and remember never to leave the dog alone in the car.

For a complete guide on how to travel with our dog in the car go to this link: travel by car with our Chihuahua

Chihuahua transport by plane.

The most demanding journey to face with the small Chihuahua is the plane.

Remember to bring with you a health booklet with vaccines etc. and the papers that attest the installation of the microchip.

The Chihuahua, being a small dog, can almost always travel in the cabin with you provided that the choice of the carrier has certain features.

First of all, it must be IATA approved, but also rigid, comfortable, well ventilated and totally waterproof.

The dog must travel without a leash or a muzzle. If the Chihuahua is less than 3 months old (and therefore without an anti-rabies vaccine), it cannot travel by plane.

Whether you travel by car or take it in a plane, it is absolutely unreasonable to give food to your hairy friend during your trip.

Dogs, like people, suffer from the motion sickness and for that reason they may experience digestive problems. You can, however, feed them at least eight hours prior to departure and a few hours after the trip. Instead, have your Chihuahua to drink at regular intervals.

This robust and well-made carriage has the optimum size for ship, aircraft and train transport as well.

The carry case is lightweight, with exterior wall made of mesh (allowing the animal to interact with the outside), also comes with a shoulder strap and a long handle that allows you to carry it on your shoulder type handbag. Robust and well done, it has the optimum size also for transport by ship, plane and train.

Which airlines accept a Chihuahua dog?

The major airlines that accept small dogs on board are:

Aeroflot, Air Berlin, Air France, Air One, Alitalia, American Airlines, Australian Airlines, Lufthansa, Meridiana, Klm, Sas, Tap, Emirates (only if the journey does not exceed 17 hours) and Us Airway.

Book first and foremost the seat for the dog as some airlines do not accept more than 2 or 3 dogs on board. The transport of dogs by air varies from one size to another

Traveling by train with our Chihuahua.

By now traveling by train with your friend has become very simple. Some restrictions are still enforced on the size of the dog, but the Chihuahua can climb FREE on all trains if kept inside a pet carrier!

However, one can only ride with one carrier, and then one animal only per person (each individual can carry one and only the animal!). In case you do not want to use the cargo or just do not have this, our dog can still get on the car and it should be a common policy that in this case you will have to pay half the full price that we passengers pay.

Rest well assured that all State-specific information can easily be found on the internet, but always check the dates on which the information was entered because new changes could have been made and then look at the search. The golden rule, however, remains: have always fun! Be cautious and happy holidays to all!